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Welcome to the school/clinic interface of Psychoanalysis Los Angeles California Extension (P.L.A.C.E.). You have arrived at a site that is used to coordinate the courses, cartels, web assisted distance classes, video presentations, and forums of P.L.A.C.E. Although this is a work site and not made for browsing you may enter with a guest login in order to glimpse at the courses, cartels, and conferences. If you care to be informed of new events with regard to the school/clinic it is important that you create an account as this will keep you abreast of registrations, meetings, etc. Though currently questions are not being accepted to this forum by those not enrolled, you will still receive updates. If you are looking to register for a course or cartel you will also need to create an account, log in to the site, then use your course or cartel key to register. Once you are registered you will have access to the course, forums, journals, etc., directly and will not have to re-start an account or re-register. The system automatically matches your information to your course.
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