• PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING OUTLINE OF CARTEL PROCEDURES CAREFULLY =================================================

    1) Cartel Vectorization consists in sending 4 topics to the Vector – this year Nina and Isabella have volunteered.

    2) This year, we are sending out all of the requests to form a large collection.

    3) And here subclasses have been established since similar choices are put into classes. Cartels are marked with an X.

    4) Look over the 2011 results to see if there is a cartel that is formed that has your name on it.

    5) if you agree to a formed cartel with your name on it and those working in it, then write back to the vector affirming your desire to work in the cartel with your name.
    Also, state at this time who you want to the +1 (someone who you think may know just a bit more than you on this topic).

    6) if you disagree to a cartel with your name on it or do not want to work with one or more people in this cartel, write back to the vector and explain that you would like to work in the cartel, but want to keep a place open for people other than those signing up for it. It is possible to have two cartels on the same subject, just because some people like and don't like working with certain people. Once the vector receives your request to participate in the cartel, but with different people, it will be reposted to see if there are others who care to participate.

    7) if you can not find a cartel that has formed with your name on it, write the vector back and designate a formed cartel that you would like to participate in. A request for participation will be sent to those cartel members in that group and you will be admitted on invitation and vote of the others if there is room.


    8) If after carrying out the procedures of (5-7) there is still someone left who is not in a cartel, then a second vectorization will be put in to effect to deal with the remainder.

    9) Auditors may simply pick a cartel and send out a request to participate to the vector. This will be forwarded to the cartel to see if they will admit auditors.

    10) After achieving steps (1-9) a final list of cartels formed for 2011 will be sent out to the participants. At this time, you are invited to contact others in the collection and set up the dates, places, and times. Most all of the exchanges are carried out over email so be sure to check your email during this period.

    Any questions should be directed to the administrators at: PLACE@topoi.net