Past Summer Session 2009: Knot Theory
(Knot Theory)

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Introduction To A Theory Of Knots

The 2009 Summer Intensive aims to introduce a theory of knots without vulgarizing. This much said, no previous mathematical or technical competence is required to participate, just a certain amount of perseverance, colored pens, and paper.

Robert Groome and invited guests.

It will take place on every Saturday from 12:00-2:30 from June 6th to July 18th in Santa Monica, CA.

Participation costs: $750.

Open. Limited to 5 participants. Pre-registration suggested. To enroll contact – – for code and access to class via the website.

1. Introduction to the theory of Links, Locks, and Knots: Problems, Theorems, and Conjectures.
2. The Object of Knot Theory: Duality, Symmetry, and Projection
3. Methods of Knot Theory: Codes, Graphs, Groups, and Polynomials
4. Reformulation of the Classical Theory of Knots: Lock Theory
5. Generalized Lock Theory
6. Modern Analytic Constructions: Lacan, Soury, Vappereau, and Bertheux.
7. Open questions and final presentations

Adams, The Knot Book, 1994.
P.G. Tait, On Knots, 1876-85.
R. Groome, Return to On Knots: New Elements For An Analytic Construction, 2009.

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This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key