Formalization of Hegel's Phenomenology of the Spirit

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Part I - The Phenomenology of the Spirit [Phänomenologie des Geistes] – PHG – first appeared in 1807 under the title System of Science. Here, Knowledge [Wissen/Savoir] or Science [Wissenshaft] has been called a System or Manifold (Mannigfaltigkeit), which has both a topological and philosophical sense. Counter the standard procedures that view the notion of a Manifold philosophically, if not metaphorically, our aim is to read and construct its place topologically, both globally and locally, in a Theory. In proceeding in such a literal way, our aim is both to introduce a Hegelian theory that is not another philosophical commentary on Hegel's philosophy, but first and foremost an isolation of its structure. To conclude, the PHG and Hegel's conception of phantasy are constructed in a topological structure, while showing the correspondence with Lacan's topological project.

Part II– Reconstructs the intuitive diagrams of Part I in a more adequate topology. Introduces a theory of categories, topoi, and sheaves in the formalization of Hegel's PHG (at last).

Date and Time: 11:30 Saturday Sept. 10, 2011
Place: Santa Monica, CA or via distance conference
Duration: 2 hrs.
Frequency: Second Saturday of every month
Instructor: R.T. Groome
Class structure: Open to general public auditors, guests, adherents, and trustees.

Announcement: Begin by reading Hegel's preface to PHG. Look over articles and texts included in the virtual classroom and library. Be sure to enroll using the enrollment key after registration.

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This course requires an enrolment key