The Clinic of Neurosis & Psychosis: Non-Knots & Knots

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11:00am – Jan. 26, 2013 at Euclid.

The first course of the Winter semester – Explaining Neurosis-Psychosis in a theory of knots begins. Though the course does no presuppose any previous material, it does assume the participant will take the time to review the previous Fall semester and the readings. An outline-summary of the course can be found at:

under the category: 2012-13 Fall Winter Semester. New participants will need to use the enrollment key to enter.

The previous semester we read Freud's analysis of Jensen's Gradiva and distinguished his early psychotherapeutic method as it is pursued here with this later, properly analytic method, as it began to come out in the Metapsychological Papers and the later writings (Constructions in Analysis, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Etc.)

The course provides the context for a return to the Metapsychological Papers of Freud, while reading them with the topology of Lacan in the second semester. The participant should, therefore, either have begun reading or read the following works:

1) The Unconscious

2) Repression: (Primary Repression/Repression/Foreclosure)

3) Narcissism: (Primary/Premier/Secondary)

We have also worked to distinguish both Neurosis and Psychosis in the manner of Freud in distinguishing, respectively, Repression (Verdrängung) from Foreclosure (Verwerfung); and Trauma from Persecution of the Super Ego.

It will be important to bring these terms together and show how they work, not simply with regard to clinical cases and literary examples, but through a constructive topology. At least, this will be the aim of the second semester: to reveal the underlying structure that these terms denote and how topology is an introduction to such strucutres.

In order to bring out this constructive and experimental approach, we also made the difference between a theory of the tableau and a theory of painting in order to situate how Lacan develops repression not in the Freudian sense of analysis of Ropp's Temptation of St. Athony, but in the sense of the reworking of Corbet's Origin of the World by A. Masson.

The first course of the second semester will review this material, while bringing it into a properly topological interrogation within a theory of knots and links.

Those present at the first semester are invited to explain what they are not following and/or give a presentation of what they did.

Participants are also invited to present any material that they find relevant to the current material.



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This course requires an enrolment key