A Theory Of One Knot
(One Knot)

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These conferences are yearly interventions bringing out the correlations between Lacanian analysis and knot theory. They include the invitation of guest speakers working in the field both nationally and internationally. Specific dates and guests will be announced in the general forums. I - The first conference is an introductory return to P.G. Tait's On Knots. The goal is to bring out the conjectures and problems found in On Knots in a way that assumes no prior technical background. A panel of analysts and mathematicians will coordinate the presentations. II - The second conference is an overview of P. Sourry's work in group theory around J. Milnor's mu-invariants for the calculation of homotopy-links. We will ask the relevance of such work for the analytic clinic, while bringing out the progess that has been mades since then in both the mathematical and psychoanalytic theories. III- Our third conference is an invitation of two mathematicians in the field of knot theory to examine and critique the current results from the cartels of the Schlinic of PLACE.

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